#Social contribution, tradition

Sustainable manufacturing for the future

In the long history of Meiyo, products required by the times have changed from time to time. The knowledge and experience that has responded to these changes are now being used as reliable technical capabilities. For example, in the “temperature sensor for liquid hydrogen transport ship” project that we have been working on since 4 years ago, our team developed a sensor that detects minus 253℃. The parts used start with the selection of high-precision parts, and the internal structure of the sensor is devised. Errors are less likely to occur even in sea transport where there is a lot of shaking (* Accurate target value within ±0.05℃ of accuracy with sensor).

The reason why we were able to respond quickly in this project was due to the technology we have cultivated over many years. We were united as a team, and step by step, with great power from various directions. There was never a shortcut there, nor was it an easy way. This product development project realized by bringing together the current technological capabilities. It was an experience that I was convinced that by sharing knowledge and awareness of challenges, it would be a model case for the future development style of Meiyo.

Meiyo’s development capabilities will never be exhausted. This is because the company encourages the challenge, looks ahead to the future in the long run, and keeps a cool eye that has a bird’s eye view, leading to energy for development. I believe that the products I have produced will take off and lead to social contributions now and in the future. We will continue to face manufacturing with pure feelings.