Manufacturing (MONOZUKURI) that originated by the harmony of tradition and innovation

One of our company philosophy is “to create products that exceed customer expectations with tradition and innovation”. Meiyo developed the world’s first vibration and heat resistance platinum thermal resistance bulb in 1956, based on the traditional technology that has been cultivated and the stance of “always challenging new things”. We have definitely raised our position in ship market. This is possible because of the craftsmanship of all employees who are highly motivated and passionate about manufacturing. We aim to be the world’s No. 1 sensor manufacturer for marine engine peripheral sensors and will continue to pursue quality and service that exceed customer expectations.


Reliable technical capabilities to meet customer expectations

Once a marine sensor is built into an engine or storage tank, its nature requires high accuracy and durability for keeping operation, even under adverse maritime conditions such as severe shaking and humidity. We identify the essence of these products and provide products and services based on technologies that can support ships throughout their operation. We have built strong trust with our customers by maintaining high competitiveness in the high temperature and ultra low temperature field as well as in the domestic market. We are proud of our track record of unrivaled high-quality service that meets our customers’ expectations.


Capture the world at the global level to refine technology

Today’s Meiyo Electric has been realized in the form of following tradition without fear of change. The place we look at is the world of the future that extends far beyond. We are not just pursuing immediate profits, but aiming for sustainable business development. Further technological innovation will continue in the future for social infrastructure such as IoT and AI. We have created the “now” that will lead to the future by sharing the image with all employees while always conscious of challenges such as advancement into the land field, with our sales experience in shipbuilding. In order to increase international competitiveness, we need to have a broad perspective to capture things not only within Japan but also the world. We will provide reliable products, fulfill our social responsibilities globally, and always aim for technological innovation without being satisfied with the current situation.