ME type

ME type


Thermocouple has been developed in order to measure the temperature by making use of Seebeck effect. 2 types of metal are connected, one to become as a hot junction tip and the other as a reference junction tip (output terminal side). If the temperature at these 2 tips are made different, a thermo-electromotive force having a constant relationship with that temperature difference is generated. Here, if you keep the reference junction tip at a constant temperature, you will know the temperature at hot junction tip.
Thermocouple is a sensor in which this principle has been incorporated. It is the best sensor among all contact type temperature sensors and can measure the range of highest temperature.


・For engine exhaust gas systems
・with terminal box
・Rugged structural design to withstand engine vibration


Operating Temp. (℃) 0~750
Material of Tube(Standard) SUS304
Protecting Tube Single
Terminal Type Terminal Box
Length L(mm) 500, 750, 1000
Diameter φD(mm) 8, 12, 22
Attached Plug R1/2 (ME-2 only)
Application Intrinsically Safety System