TF-D Trace of Ferrous-powder detector

TF-D  Trace of Ferrous-powder detector


In general, friction happens in machine while operation. Once the friction exceeds limitation, the mcahine will rapidly deteriorate which leads to damage in a short time.
High frequency measurement of ferrous powder concentration is effective for detecting abnormalities and identifying friction limits. TF-D is a measuring instrument that easily realizes high-precision and ferrous powder concentration measurement.


■Easy operation as 1-2-3.
1.Sample small amount of oil in glass tube.
2.Place the glass tube in the receiving hole of the TF-Detector.
3.Then TF-Detector instantly indicates the magnetic particle density in ppm.
■High sensitivity and resolution.
TF-Detector detect magnetic particles of a size down to a few micro-meters with high sensitivity of less than 20ppm and resolution of 5ppm.
■ Measurement and accuracy are not disturbed by existence of sludge in the sample.


Measurement Range 0ppm〜500ppm (Other measurement ranges are available.)
Operation Environment 0℃〜60℃
Power Consumption Maximum 50W
Power AC100V (50 / 60Hz) Compatible with other Power specifications
Resolution Within 5ppm
Accessory 15 Test tube for sampling.  1 calibration kit 0 ppm & 150 ppm each, Spare fuse, and 2G SD memory