MOT Oil Mist Detector

MOT  Oil Mist Detector


It is said that the major reason of ship fires is oil mist in ships. There is a heat source equivalent to 200 degrees in the closed compartment, and if the oil mist concentration in the compartment exceeds 50 mg / Liter, an explosion or fire will occur. Probability is extremely high.

This device is composed of an oil mist sensor with high sensitivity and high speed response and a digital oil mist monitor unit with functions such as measured value of mist concentration, alarm set value, alarm display.

By installing this device in the vicinity of equipment on-board where oil mist is likely to occur, such as oil tankers and chemical tankers, oil mist can be detected early, and fire can be prevented in advance.


The oil mist concentration detection is performed by the
optical dispersion system using infrared rays, and the pulse
drive system is adopted as the mist detection part. So, the
high-speed response and high sensitivity are realized by
adoption of a pulse drive system. Moreover, the oleophilic
cover is adopted so that it protects a light receiver and
emitter from oil mist contamination.


Case aluminum(Black alumite treatment)and SS1.0t
Color Black aluminum treatment
Weight Around 0.75kg
Protection IP54(Excluding mist tube)
Power DC24V
Detection method Self-suction with infrared scattered light
Measurement Range 0〜5mg/liter
Measurement Resolution Within ±5% of measurement max value
Output signal DC4〜20mA
Operation Temperature 5〜55℃
Storage Temperature -15〜80℃
Relative Humidity Under 95%(Non-condensing)
Vibration 5〜25Hz±1.6mm 25〜100Hz 4G
Accessory G3/4 nut and bond seal (one each)


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