#Traditional Technology

The attitude to face things is an expression of respect for our predecessors.

The temperature sensor is a fully made-to-order product that is handmade and finished one by one according to customer requests. In addition to the existing ones, we often receive orders for products 30 years ago. There is a passion for manufacturing of ancestors handed down to the present age that makes it possible to create products that have never been seen before. What can be used in the field of manufacturing products that are created by human hands, such as know-how and tips, that cannot be expressed in words, is “handed down by craftsmen to craftsmen”

“Search Coil” is a product that brings together past and present technological capabilities, utilizing existing knowledge and technical capabilities, and reflecting the improvements made through trial and error. This is a kind of temperature sensor that we are in charge of and feature a small variety of products. Requests from customers are specified in millimeters up to the dimensions and lead wire length, and orders are made and produced in units of one. The thinnest part of platinum wire that can be used depending on the application and place of use is only 30 microns. We work on-site where high quality is always required, such as reworking any defective product. It is a fight against tension and failure is not allowed.

Occasionally, seniors often speak to us without words, while carefully creating things. Protecting tradition is one of our philosophies. I feel that a strong message is put on the product that reflects the technology handed down from hand to hand. I don’t think even words are necessary to prove the performance of a sensor that matches the life of a ship. We are confident that these products, created by craftsmen to achieve a safe voyage for our customers, will tell us on behalf of us.