Message from the President

Thank you for visiting Meiyo Electric Co., Ltd website.
Since our Company was established in 1936, we have strived to be the leading force and innovation in the field of electronic and electric system for the marine environment. As a result, we are one of the world leading measuring instruments for the marine environment. Our sensors are highly praised by our long term partners and our domestic and world-wide customers for the high quality.
Our sensors are highly praised by our long term partners and our domestic and world-wide customers for the high quality. Each and every one of our employees is responsive to our partners and customer needs. The motto we aim for is “Technology for making the future” with prompt customer services and high quality products, second to none. We aimed to be the No.1 company in the world of marine sensors and ship related engine sensors. Working with our customers and partners, building on trust, responsive to the needs of our customers and our adherence to quality will enable us to be the leading marine and engine sensors maker in the world.
Thank you for you continuous support and trust in our company for many more years to come.

The President and Representative Director
Yasuko Sugino

Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy

  • MEIYO ELECTRIC creates products that exceed our customers’ expection through traditional knowhow and innovative technologies.
  • MEIYO ELECTRIC guiding philosophy is: customer-first, providing reliable products with keen global social responsibility.
  • MEIYO ELECTRIC creates a corporate culture of aspiration and enthusiasm for our employees.


The number one company in the marine sensors and engine sensors industry and market

Employee Code of Conduct

Respect corporate history

Respect corporate history

  •  Learn company history
  • Learn traditional techniques and culture
  • Learn the achievements and wisdom of predecessors
Understand the current state of the company

Understand the current state of the company

  • Polish self as a member of the company and have a high level of ambition
  • Have a high awareness of team to maintain corporate performance (unity and coordination)
  • Understand the social contributions to be realized by company
Contribute to the future of the company

Contribute to the future of the company

  • All employees share a sense of challenge and head for future development
  • Think at the global level and improve self through work

Code of conduct


Meiyo Electric Co., Ltd., as a member of society, declares to act in accordance with the following code of conduct

June 01, 2012
Meiyo Electric Co., Ltd. President
Yasuko Sugino

Sincere action

  • Providing better quality products and services to gain customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Conducting proper transactions and observe all laws, regulations and other compliance matters.
  • We always manage customers, business partners, and our own information and assets appropriately and strictly.
  • We take a resolute attitude and act against illegal and unreasonable pressure from outside.
  • All employees always act with a high level of awareness to ensure that compliance is not compromised.

Environment and safety

  • We conduct environmentally friendly business operations with the participation of all employees.
  • We work to create a safe and secure work environment where employees can spend a healthy life

Harmony with society

  • Harmony with all members of society, including customers, business partners, and local communities

Quality Policy

Raising Customer Satisfaction by fulfillment of QCDN

  • Elaborate QUALITY by each process
  • Provide products at appropriate prices after COST reduction
  • Observe strictly for DELIVERY
  • Prevent NON-CONFORMITY at all stages from Development, Design, to Services

Eco Stage Environmental Policy

Basic policy

MEIYO Electric recognizes that it is the demand of the times to work on environment problems. We concentrate wisdoms of all members under the basic thought that we leave this beautiful earth in the future, implement the high “Quality” and “Improvement” of Customer Satisfaction”by advance of environmental management for the realization of recycling society, and organize the realization of fulfilling life in good health of staffs, and contribute to the social sustainable development.


  • We always consider the environment in our business activities and products, work to prevent pollution, and strive to be an environmentally harmonious company trusted by the local community and society.
  • We focus on environmental conservation and work on the continuous improvement of the following environmental improvement items.
    • Development and provision of products and services that contribute to environmental conservation
    • Energy and resource saving
    • Business improvement by reducing unreasonableness, unfruitfulness and unevenness
    • Enhance chemical substance management
    • Coexistence with local communities
  • We will endeavor to protect the environment by complying with relevant legal requirements and agreements with customers and the regions we agree to.
  • We strive to ensure that this policy is fully understood by our employees and that everyone can act to achieve it. In addition to disclosing this policy, we will endeavor to cooperate with related parties through publicity activities to related business partners.

June 01, 2012
Meiyo Electric Co., Ltd. President
Yasuko Sugino