MONOZUKURI [Trace of Ferrous-powder Detector]

#Innovation, customer first

Customer feedback is the way to innovation

It is not only temperature sensors that are created based on the knowledge and experience we have cultivated. The Trace of Ferrous-powder Detector, which was launched in 2009, was developed over 10 years and is a device for knowing engine friction in order to realize safe ship navigation. Boasting the highest level of sensitivity in the world and capable of sensing fine ferrous powder, this product contributes to improving the quality of various products in other fields. In order to realize customer needs, trial and error were repeated, and two years were spent for verification.

If we think that things that challenge and innovate without being disregarded with the current situation will remain as a tradition, we strongly feel that we must continue to work hard on manufacturing. The road to achieving the target figure was never easy. We persevere and be tenacious to make a long period of time for a good product. It’s amazing that I feel the products is like a child. This product is finally patented, but in reality it could not be achieved without the help of the customer. I have always cherished the words one by one, with occasional encouragement from customers.

The desire to respond to feelings and to meet expectations will accelerate development capabilities that will lead to the future. This product is truly a product of our customers and us. Based on this experience, I would like to take the long-term know-how and move on to the next step. Our development capabilities can only be performed with customers. Development must be a “continuous challenge”. I would like to continue to nurture the seeds of hope for the future that come true only when there is a container called “Meiyo”.